Global Funhood GF-K3 2.4GHz RC Intelligent Remote Control Robot Kids Toy

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Global Funhood Gf-K3 2.4Ghz Intelligent Remote Control Robot-Advisor Is With Full Intelligent Functions: Interactive Sound Control/Touch Mode/Voice Recording And Alerting/Item Transfer/Movement Display/Insert Coins/Singing & Dancing/Intelligent Programming. Kids Can Not Only Discover A New World Of Learning And Playing, But Also Learn Financial Knowledge. The Robot Can Help Kids To Develop Saving Habits With The Robot’s Body Designated Into a Coin Bank.
As a Multifunctional Smart Toys, It Is The Best Gift For Children.

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3.7V 400mAh battery

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60 pcs

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Playing Time

60 mins

Charging Time

70 mins


Cady Wile
2.4Ghz Intelligent Remote Control Robot-Advisor
With Full Intelligent Functions:
Interactive Sound Control/Touch Mode/Voice Recording And Alerting
Item Transfer/Movement Display/Insert Coins
Singing & Dancing/Intelligent Programming

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Discover A New World Of Learning And Playing
Good Companion Of Study And
Entertainment For Kids.

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Private Financial Advisor
Teach Kids To Learn Financial Knowledge By Playing

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Daily Coin Bank
Help Kids To Develop Saving Habits With The Robot's Body Designated Into a Coin Bank.

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Touch Mode
Touch The Robot On Its Head, The Robot Would React With
Playful Sounds And Start To Tell You Financial Knowledge.

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Interactive Sound Mode
Press The "Interactive Sound Mode" Button,
The Robot Would Clap Once And Play The Recorded Voice That
Has Been Alerted (i.e. Three Kinds Of Monster Beats To Play In Order),
Or Clap Twice And Sing And Dance.

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Personal Delivery Assistant
The Robot Can Help You Carry And Transfer Small Items,
As Well As Warmth And Happiness.

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Item Transfer Between Robots
Robots Can Transfer Items Between
And Interact With Each Other.

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Voice Recording And Alerting
The Robot Can Record And Alert Your Voice
And Play The Funny Audio Clips For You.

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