How to choose a remote control car for children?

How to choose a remote control car for children?

1. It is very important to choose the one with better bonding effect of the whole vehicle. The parts of the remote control car must be glued together, so that it is not easy to detach, which also reduces the risk of children swallowing the parts. Whether the gap at the stationary part is greater than 12mm or less than 5mm, because this will easily cause children's fingers to be accidentally inserted and pinched.

2. Choose one that is durable and easy to operate. Children do not know how to protect, they are prone to tantrums and are easily damaged by cumbersome operations.

3. For the battery types of children's remote control cars, there are mainly two types: No. 5 rechargeable batteries and charging plates. No. 5 rechargeable batteries are easy to buy. You can buy multiple fully charged batteries repeatedly to prevent backup, and the battery life is slightly longer. But usually, the seller of the electric toy car don’t provide free extra battery, and the buyer needs to buy it by himself. The charger for the 5th battery also needs to be purchased by yourself, and there are some extra costs. Generally, if you choose to use the rechargeable battery, it can save your cost and also have longer battery power and life and when you use the electric toy cars . When charging, please use the original charging cable in case of danger.

4. There must be additional product manuals, manufacturers and related certifications, mainly because many of the current products are made of recycled waste. There are many harmful ingredients, which are not good for children's health.

5.In many cases, parents rarely ask the remote control distance when they buy a  toy car for kids, and the distance of the current remote control car is also from 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters, etc., and compared with more than a dozen remote control cars, In general, the price of a remote control car = the remote control distance of the remote control car (of course, this needs to exclude fancy remote control cars and oil-burning remote control cars). Therefore, when purchasing, you must know the remote control distance of the remote control car in detail, so that the baby can better experience the fun brought by the remote control car in the process of playing!


Post time: Nov-11-2022