Industry First 720°/5 Direction Obstacle Avoidance Drone-global Drone GD93 Pro Max

Flying “God Operation”

Fly never be so easy like this! Automatically detect surrounding obstacles, prevent collisions, scratches, refuse crash damage, and fly more freely.

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Quality “blockbuster”

HD shooting is more confident. Equipped with an anti-shake electronic gimbal, which can effectively eliminate jitter and improve the image quality of aerial photgraphy of aerial photography. 110°remote adjustment, harvest wonderful angles!

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GPS/Optical Flow Dual Hovering

Brushless motor with low noise, strong power, fast heat dissipation and low loss. Cooperate with hovering technology to achieve fixed-point hovering in the air.


GPS Smart Return

No matter how far you know the way to home, GPS positioning return technology, let you freely explore anytime and anywhere. New intelligent operation give enough flight safety.

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720°5 Direction Laser Obstacle Avoidance

All round protection, do what you do. The obstacle avoidance sensor can preceive obstacles in all directions, forest grass, dense buildings. It can actively avoida obstacles even when flying at night, without fear of the risk of crashing!


5G HD Image Transmission

1000 meters remote control distance, the transmission picture is smooth and clear.


Strong Wind Resistance

Aim at the camera and gesture to take a photo

High speed, low noise, long life, double the performance.

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Smart Follow

Turn on the follow function, no need to control, you can automatically follow the operator, easy to follow the shooting.


Easy to Shoot, Easy to Use

Fantastic flight, intelligent entertainment, this is the true flagship.

Aim at the camera and gesture to take a photo

Draw waypoints on th map to easily achieve automatic flight


Set the target as the center point and fly around to shoot a blockbuster


Longer Battery Life

Take the flight return home happily

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Post time: Sep-22-2022