Global Drone Mecha Guardian Full Scale R/C Water Bomb Tank

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Global Drone Hot selling 007 Mecha Guardian,with Big capacity magazine, 240-260 water bullet for high speed shooting continuously. Vibrate feedback when you shooting the water bomb and hit the target, remote control will vibrate which brings you the real shooting feeling. You can choose watch or transmitter, dual control mode brings easy switching and more fun. With smart battery, you can see the battery level also can take more extra batteries to extend playing time. Full scale designed for full degree accurate controlling the direction and movement of the car. Mecanum wheel is one of the talented design features, make the car much cooler and stable for drifting.

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Model 007 Mecha Guardian
Color White
Product Size 28*20*22CM
Frequency 2.4G
Control Range 100M
Playing Time 40-50 mins
Battery 7.4V 2000mAH
Charging Time 210 mins

Product Display

Mecha Guardian
Mecha Guardian Overall Display


Core Function


Novelty Shot
High-Speed Burst Of Water Bombs
Water Bomb Launching Is The Primary Skill Of The Mecha, And High-Speed
Bursts Of Water Bombs Can Be Fired Through The Remote Control.
The Water Content Of The Water Bomb Is 90%, And It Will Be Broken And
Evaporate Naturally After One Blow


New Exclusive Patented Mecanum Tire
Three-Speed Driving Mode With
Omnidirectional Movement, Switch At Will
Four Super-Large Mecanums With a Diameter Of 11Cm Can Realize Omnidirectional
Movement Due To Their Unique Structure.Cooperating With The Built In Three Speed
Driving Mode Of The Mecha, It Can Realize Diagonal Movement And Circle Inside And Outside.
Complete Various Driving Routes Freely. Movement Is Not Limited To Routes.


Powerful Motor
Mecha Stunt Tire
Mecha Wheels Are Composed Of Multiple Small Wheels, Each Wheel Is Equipped
With a Powerful Motor. Let The Assault Easily Complete Various Driving Needs!


Multiple Driving Modes
Control The Direction As You Like
360° Acrobatic Rotation On The Spot, Driving In All Directions,
Shuttle Various There Is No Pressure On The Terrain,
And The Fun Of Fighting In The Wild Is Doubled!


Source Of Mecha Charm
3000 Precision Parts
Relive Chil
Dhood Mecha
Dreams Together


Left And Right Rows


Cool Spraying Function


Magnetic Attraction Structure
Technological Lighting


Competitive Battle


Dual Remote Control Armored Combat Vehicle
Gravity Sensor


5D Hit Smart Feedback Handle
Remote Control Watch Gravity Inducion


Tilt Your Palm About 90 Degrees To The Right. Swing Your
Arms Up And Down To Shoot Water Bombs.
When The Palm Of The Hand Is Tilted To The Left, The Mecha Guardian Rotates To The Left.
When The Palm Of The Hand Is Tilted To The Right, The Mecha Guardian Rotates To The Right


When The Palm Of The Hand Is Tilted To The Forward,
The Mecha Guardian Rotates To The Forward.
When The Palm Of The Hand Is Tilted To The Backward,
The Mecha Guardian Rotates To The Backward.


Capacity Indicating Modular Battery
Capacity Indicating
Simple Charging And Convenient Expansion
Large- Capacity Battery Life And Play Time


Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 7.4V 2000mAh


Large-Capacity Ammunition Warehouse
Live Ammunition Shooting Experience
Environmental Protection Water Bomb,
Natural Degradation On The Ground
The Environmental Protection Water Bomb Equipped Has a Shooting Trajectory That Simulates a Live Ammunition, And It Can Be Degraded Naturally When It Hits The Ground.


Easy Programming With Thumb
Creates Infinite Possibilities
Growth, Never Stops At Books And Classrooms
The Mech Has Builtin 18 Kinds Of Action Command Voices. Players Can Use Different Commands To Control The Route,Easy Programming Of Pan Tilt Movements, DIY Your Own Mecha Movements Through Imagination,Create Unlimited Possibilities. Growth Is Not Limited To Books And Classrooms.


Practical Knowledge
As a Bridge Between The Digital World And The Real World. Mocha Guardian
Will Abstract
Perfect Combination Of Theory And Practical Operation.
You Will Practice Mathematics, Physics. And Programming Knowledge In The World Of Robots.
Experience Artificial Intelligence And Stimulate Learning Motivation.
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